Monday, April 29, 2024

The 101 Dalmatian Street 5th Anniversary Recap!!

How's it been, Dalmatian fans! As you may already know, it has been more than a month since the 7-day celebrations of 101 Dalmatians' 5th Anniversary. And it's hard to believe it's been that long already since we've hosted our biggest celebration to the 101DS fandom ever! The event feels more and more like a dream with each passing day as time passes on, but the memories we've shared during the event will never be forgotten. 

So to celebrate our over-month anniversary of er.... the 5th Anniversary event, we'll be presenting a re-cap for those who had missed out on the 7-day celebrations and to catch up on the weeklong announcements that had been made during the event. Let's begin, shall we?

From Danuki's Dalmatian Studios, Danuki plans to tickle 101DS fans' fancy with exciting new 101DS fan-videos for his social accounts from 2024 to 2025! That's 5 fan-animated videos, 2 animatics, and 3 101DS Discussion videos, combining the total of 10.

On Day 2, Phrontistery, the proud owner of the Daily Puppy website, had created a video highlighting every Dalmatian family tree from every piece of media from the 101 Dalmatians franchise! This video represents what's possibly the most accurate history of the Dalmatian family trees (If not 101%), containing 30 minutes, explaining each family member through each family throughout the entire franchise, from Dodie Smith's original book all the way to 101 Dalmatian Street!

For Day 3, Danuki had announced plans for a fan-dub of the ongoing fan-comic series "101DS: Animal Control" by Redundantmodule. The date for the dub's release is not yet announced, but auditions will be open by the end of Spring!

On Day 4, Danuki had announced the grand revival of Eveey's fan-made project: The 101DS S2 Pilot fan-animatic! After being stuck in a pre-production limbo since 2021, Danuki is working to build back the revelancy and popularity of the project, and is currently in search for new staff members.

Day 5 was the announcement of one of Danuki's three 101DS Discussion videos he plans to make, including the official FAQ ! Danuki has currently opened a FAQ where users can write questions to the spotted, Dalmatian Troopa himself in the comments on any social media. The date for the FAQ video remains TBA.

On Day 6, Danuki had announced a August 11th Art Event to celebrate the show's 5th Anniversary. Artists have until August 4th to come up with an art-piece based off their favorite moments from the 52 episodes of 101 Dalmatian Street! The place to post your work is on Danuki's Project Dalmatian Discord Server.

And finally, on Day 7, Danuki had made an announcement of an imminent release of the Pitch Pilot for 101 Dalmatian Street, assuring 101DS fans that the hidden piece of 101 Dalmatian Street media will eventually makes it way to the public soon. Sure enough, we finally get to see the video in its full, pilot-animated glory (And it DEFINITELY didn't have anything to do with the recent Disney pilot leaks!!!)

And that's the recap for the 7-day announcements made during the 5th Anniversary of 101 Dalmatian Street. The event has still been an unforgetable experience for the community, and we hope this helps some folks catch up on what they had missed the past month.