Monday, November 29, 2021

Early 101 Dalmatian Street Character Concept Art

With 101DS fans now drawing artwork of Dylan & Dolly's early character designs, I think now would be a good time to showcase this gallery of 101 Dalmatian Street's character concept art, most of them drawn by Character designer/Artist Meg Park! Aside from just these two, step-siblings, we also have early artwork for most of the characters, if not all of them, highlighting physical differences in their design during early stages of production, in comparison to the final version of these adorable, colorful dogs of Camden we've come to know and love! Take a look at this gallery of some early artwork, and marvel at their magnificent differences.

First off, we got Captain Safety Pants himself! At the time, his design resembled a bit more of that from the original 1961 film. We don't usually find early artwork compelling, but this is probably the best early Dylan art design out of all of them!

And here we have one early design of Dolly. She seems to be a fusion between herself and Delilah. Didn't know Dolly had a taste for fashion. I think the bean cap loos good on her. Really suits her personality!

And here's what's supposed to be a pilot scene for the episode "My Fair Dolly". Many may have already seen this, but we still wanted to post a higher quality version nonetheless.

Now this is by far the most CUTEST early character art you've ever seen Triple D! They appeared to look so much sweeter than they do in the final version. Destiny just looks ADORBS with that lovely pink bow!

Moving on, we have a loving father, and best fire-fighter, Doug! Kinda rockin' that Scooby-Doo neck right there, eh Douglas?

Here we have Delilah and Doug in their early designs from the pilot episode, alongside Dylan and Doll--err, Daisy! What's so interesting is that the early version of the Dalmatians' residence had a switch that can change the stairs from human to dog sized steps. I wonder if Dawkins had the blueprints of such modernized technology.

And here are Dylan and Dolly together. They may seem different then, but Meg really nailed their personalities before their designs were finalized!

And here's Dolly, who was before known as Daisy, in a middle of an accident that's waiting to happen. Thank dog that Dolly wasn't THIS chaotic when the show aired! The Dalmatian fam would have been BURIED under the damage bills!

Moving along, we have Arabella and Prunella! One of Prunella's designs seemed to be leaning more to looking like that one other pug from Disney's Pochahantas, don't you think?

This may probably be the earliest character art of Dylan as we known and love. Out of all character designs, this one is the closest to ever match that of the classic 1960's art style!

And here's another art design for Doug. He seems a little big too much like Pongo, don'tcha think? Hold on... Is that Krypto the Superdog's collar tag!?

It seems Da Vinci has been going through major changes with her design as well. One of them even shows that she was originally meant to be a male!

Here we have some more early artwork of Triple D, alongside our two, naive, mischief making twins Dizzy and Dee Dee! Such a shame that Destiny decided to ditch her bow, isn't it?

And here's another design of what we assume to be Dizzy and Dee Dee. They look pretty dapper in those bowties, don't they?

And here are some early concept art of Camden town's lovely Background Dogs! Figured that they needed more love within the community.

Next up is Big Fee! I gotta say, some of the early designs of this cunning little rat is giving me the vibes of Pixar's Ratatouille!

And here we have our snobby little Corgi, Clarissa! She seems extra grumpy today! You think maybe it's because she has such a fuzzy head?

Next up is the kind-hearted, poet-loving, Hansel Husky! I swear, I keep being reminded of Nick Wilde from "Zootopia" when looking at one of his designs on the nearest left! Doesn't that smug expression look familiar to you!?

And here's the hustling, gossiping Pomeranian Snowball... before she was an actual walking snowball of course! Something tells me that Meg had a lot of fun with Snowball's design! She looked much more like a dog than a walking snowball!

And finally, we got our playful Rottweiler Roxy! Nothing much to say, but her designs may have been the closest we've ever seen compared to her final version!