Wednesday, December 8, 2021

101DS Fan-Artist Spotlight:


It's been a while since we've highlighted our last 101DS fan artist, but we're finally getting back into the groove with things (Hopefully)! This time, we'll be showcasing artwork made by the an incredibly talented digital artist from DeviantArt, going by the name of InsufferableOaf! This human is known to have a strong taste in angst-themed artwork in most cases. And might we add, a majority of InsufferableOaf's artwork tells an emotional story of Dylan's struggles in a dark and tragic What-if Alternate Universe, unveiling what would have happened if Dylan had failed his mission to rescue his now-lost family from becoming a fashion victim to Cruella's long-achieved fur coat, as well as the grief of losing his sister in the midst of chaos. InsufferableOaf is a WIZARD in telling a story through his artwork, using visuals that is both unique/somber to represent the AU's dark atmosphere and tone, and it's worth lending this 101DS fan artist the support! That's why we the folks at The Daily Puppy decided to feature InsufferableOaf's artwork in this 101DS fan-artist Spotlight, in dedication to his strong enthusiasm and passion for the show.

Sun Is Shining In The Sky


Going Through a Motion

A Promise Kept

Concept Dol Meets Final Dol

Dippy's Revival

The Lava Lamp

The Uncanny Valley

The Forbidden Reunion

D-Dog Is In The House

The Promise

More Lava Lamp Magic

You Are Not Alone

Together We Stand

Face The Past

Big City Nights

Concert Night

Cornwall Marathon

The Jack-O-Lantern


I Feel You



Dolly Dance Revolution

Press X To Doubt

Anniversary Pups

The Word of Three Syllables

Against All Odds

Drive Home for Xmas

Shadow On The Wall


20's Blues

10th Circle of Hell Hall

Triggered Dolly

Dogs Are Out For Summer Sun

An Artist's Burden

Pearl Blue Soul

Join Me in Death

Dreaming of You