Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Two 101DS Petitions on Change.Org are In Need of Support!!

101DS Origin Story & Save 101DS

Us folks at the Daily Puppy thought this would be a good time to spread the word about this! We have two 101DS petitions going on the Change.org, the world's largest No.1 online petition platform! One is of course a petition for a "101 Dalmatian Street Origin story", asking Disney to consider doing a potential backstory of how Dylan and Dolly first met! That petition was started by Cody Taylor, just two years ago and is still active. And another petition is "Save 101 Dalmatian Street", which was put up very recently from today by John Smith. It's basically a petition to support the 101 Dalmatian Street itself as a whole.

These two petitions need major support from the 101DS community, and we need you to sign a signature for these two. Whether you're a 101DS fan or not, we implore you pups to do your part and build up, support and promote these two petitions from Change.Org and get the word out! Sign up if you wish to support 101DS as well!