Sunday, September 26, 2021

UPDATE: Unfortunately, (Try not to be too surprised) the rumor that 101DS would be back on hiatus on October 4th on Disney XD was totally false, according to WolfColt. So for right now, we have absolutely no indication to WHEN the show would actually re-air on that channel.

As of lately, 101 Dalmatian Street hasn't been airing on DisneyXD, and it's now been over a month since the last airing with "Poodlefall/Dotty Dancing". So many of you Dalmatian fans are pobably wondering, "When is it coming back from hiatus, and is it even going air the rest of the episodes on DisneyXD at all?". Well, it looks like as though the show might be setting its paws onto Disney Channel's sister program once more. According to a tweet by Djain Dalmatian, BlazingJuju has given us the TV guide for the timeslot for when the show will air again, and it looks like we may be able to watch the show again on DisneyXD on October 4!

BUT (And this is a BIG but), this info is still considered a rumor. According to other sources, it's extremely likely that the guide for the timeslot is 101% inaccurate, and another show is likely going to fill that timeslot instead of 101 Dalmatian Street. So, until we have more concrete evidence that 101DS really is airing on Disney XD again, please take this rumor as a LARGE grain of salt!