Tuesday, October 24, 2023

101DS Artist Spotlight: 


We're FINALLY back into the 101DS Artist Spotlight after so long! And what better to start with an incredibly talented artist with a creative keen eye for art, PkBr4insh0ck! This artist is well known by the fandom for experimenting in different art styles, visuals and themes for their fan art!  Whether it's accurate from the show, an abstraction, a stylistic choice, level of lighting, Brainshock without a doubt has unbelievably unique talent.

Most of the artwork they have made is mostly focused on most popular Dalmatian pups like Dizzy, Dee Dee, Da Vinci, DJ but half of the time, there are artwork that has more variety! Pkbr4insh0ck's artwork comes in many dimensions that it's almost mind blowing, and we believe they deserve an applause for their astounding level of talent. You can view the rest of PK's artwork on their DeviantArt account here!

Halloween Drawing 23

Feelin' Dizzy

Retnterpretation of a Melancholic Dante

Kickin' Doggo


Who am I

U good?

Lovely Puppies

Selft Defense Against Fresh Fruits

Wisnia in Gameboy Colors

Dizzy Doodles


You Want What...


Art is Creating You

Do you Have a Hand?

Not Mad... :/




Art is Loving You

Music Pt.1

It's a Secret

Blue... Blue!

Music Pt. 2

Red... Red!


California Dreamin'

Music Lovers

My Favorite Girls

Dizzy and Dawkins

The New Hat

Shiny Diamond


Smile III

Dolly's Collars

Diamanda Picassi

Shooting Stars

Smile II

A Friend

Da Vinci Doodles


Innocent Heart, Heart Filled with Hatred

Feel the RADs

Weird S****


(Return) Redrawing of the Twins


Snowball Fight. 4


Another Reference


Da Vinci, Dee Dee and D-Pad

Dots in Another Style


Da Vinci in the Park

Wanna Join?:3

Clayton and Clay

BDAY Gift for Whitewolf20XX

The Girl With Eyes Like Diamonds

So This is Where You Get All Your Ideas

A Place Left for You


Freeze... Thunder

Deepak Dalmatian in Nevermind

Exploring the Old Cabin