Saturday, October 9, 2021

Dalmatian Art Gallery Saturday

Theme: Best Mother Dog EVER!!

Time for another Dalmatian Art Gallery Saturday! Last time, we showcased a large gallery featuring Da Vinci, and now is the time for this week to present artwork of the greatest, most loveliest medical mother dog of the Dalmatian Family: Delilah! Because in the pups' eyes, she's not just your generic everyday mother. She's a strong heroine with the blood of her great, great grandfather Pongo, who does whatever she can to protect her babies from anything, including some old hag who's spent over 60 years chasing after the breed of Dalmatians for a single fashionable streetwear! Delilah is no doubt the best... mum... ever!

A Bashful Doctor by HigglyTownHero

A Doctor's Withering Sanity by Daud Dalmata

Nurse Mom by JustsomePainter1

Delilah Shrinks by Syfqdrawer

Spotted Hyenas by Namygaga

A "Unique" Phase by HigglyTownHero

Lovely Delilah by HigglyTownHero

3-D Delilah by Fynamic

Story time by SPotty8ee

Paw Wrestling by Drake Dalmatian

Delilah by Aoshi2012

Opposite Day by Brodogz

1960's Delilah by SegaDisneyUniverse

Bon Appetite by HigglyTownHero

Angry Delilah by CynderDaVinciDalmatian

A Pretend Mum is Still a Mum by The-YOSH

Bleep Delilah by Dylanozoka

Are You My Grandpa by Dead-Raccoons

Dalmatian Street Art 2 by Palomino-Rick

Delilah by FlutterYoshi952

Gift By MeerkatKimi

Doug & Delilah by Valo-Son

Hmm? By HigglyTownHero

Duo Trai Delilah by 103dalmatianblvd

Delilah of the NHS by BabClayton

Delilah by Dylanozoka

Leon's 1st Day at the Police Station by LeonLabrador

Young Delilah by Kaze-Inu

Ecstatic Delilah by Spotty8ee

Delilah & Dolly by CromwellInnovations

Delilah by Kaze-Inu

BWS & Delilah by Dalmatian Studio

Delilah Lounging by Pumking20

After a Long Day at Work by JustsomeArtist1

Nursing Hugs by Fahad Lami

Delilah as Medic by BrunoCH