Monday, December 20, 2021

101DS Fanfic Spotlight:

"Not So Black and White" by Spotty8ee

A No.1 Popular fanfic from the 101DS fandom

We recommend visitors of the Daily Puppy to read this fantastic on-going fanfic series, "Not So Black and White", a drama-filled, AU origin story written by a Tumblr user, Spotty8ee. "Not so Black and White" is a story telling how the Dalmatian Family came to be. It's considered one of the most read 101DS EVER on Archive of Our Own, boasting over 18k views, and we feel that this fanfic deserves a spotlight on the Daily Puppy. We'd like to warn you though that this fanfic is aimed mostly for teenagers and adults, with its mentions of suicide and domestic abuse. But for those who can stomach those dark-filled mentions, this story is a Must-Read!

Genre: [Family], [Alternate Universe], [Drama], [Dark], [Angst], [Romance], [Hurt/Comfort]


Plot: A series of short drabbles. All about 101 Dalmatian St and how the family came together.