Friday, April 26, 2024

101 Dalmatian Street Pilot Episode Releases Online!!

How's it been, Dalmatian fans? We want to humbly apologize for the lack of activity in the Daily Puppy website lately. So, we want to make up with that by giving you the most word-shattering bombshell news that even Disney fans might find astounding! Let us present to you, the original pitch pilot of 101 Dalmatian Street, with clean 1:30 minutes of the opening sequence, featuring our favorite iconic duo, Dylan and Do... er--Daisy!!

That's right! Phrontistery has gotten the full access to the pilot, and now he is presenting to the 101 Dalmatian Street community in all of its pilot glory. The footage is considered absolutely clean, in its best quality possible (Although, it's been shrunk to fit Phron's little monitor, likely for copyright reasons). But THAT, my Dalmatian fans, is barely half the story.

Apparently, there was a massive leak going on just around last night by an unknown source, who was able to get their paws on many pilot episodes of various Disney animated shows like Gravity Falls, The Owl House, Amphibia, and so on... Among them was of course 101 Dalmatian Street. You heard that right. This video you're about to witness is a 20-minute pilot episode of the early animatic and plot for the 2-part episode "London, We Have a Problem".

We'll leave the details for you to go through for yourselves to avoid spoilers, but there is SO much content and details to dig into in these earth-shattering 20 minutes, and this is possibly the BIGGEST discovery from the 101 Dalmatian Street community yet. Not only is this big news, it also opens up NEW opportunities for fan-artists and content creators everywhere in the 101DS fandom! We hope you enjoy!