Friday, March 25, 2022

UPDATE: The 6th 101DS Twitter Trending Party is Rescheduled to April 30th!

We have a special update from Danuki regarding our upcoming 101DS Twitter Trending Party in late April. After reading through the comments and polls, there has apparently been a negative reaction in the fandom over the controversial date, and we fully understand why. As the original date was held on a Wednesday, users have less time for free activity on the Internet over more important routines such a work or school. As such, after reconsidering the show's controversial date, we have decided to reschedule the event to slightly later date. The 6th Annual 101DS Twitter Trending Party will now be held on April 30th on a Saturday!

Danuki apologizes for any previous misfortune that the previous controversial date has caused for the fandom, rest assured, this will certainly give many of you 101DS fans the free time from work/school to attend this exciting event! And like last time, we folks of the Daily Puppy are here to sponsor it!