Thursday, March 24, 2022

Dalmatian Street Day

Day 7: Dalmatian Street Day Wrap-Up

It was too good to last, but Dalmatian Street Day has officially come to an end... at least for this year. Throughout our week-long celebration for 101 Dalmatian Street's 3rd Anniversary, we made exciting announcements regarding the website and the fandom. Here are all the plans, announcements and we have made throughout this week-long holiday for those who want to catch up. Just click on the links below to learn more about this week's Daily Puppy posts.

Day 1: 101DS 3rd Anniversary Live-Stream

One the very first day of Dalmatian Street Day, Phrontistery hosted a 90-minute live-stream to celebrate 101 Dalmatian Street's 3rd Anniversary. Many questions have been answered, and lots of projects have been teased throughout this exciting livestream.

Day 2: Writer Pups For Hire

Dalmatian Street Day was the perfect week of opportunity to open up for 101DS fans who have plenty of experience to be a potential writer-pup in our efforts to expand the staff of The Daily Puppy website.

Day 3: 101DS 3rd Anniversary Art-Event on May 25

We started our third day of Dalmatian Street Day by hosting the biggest Art-Event to ever be hosted from The Daily Puppy for May 25th. We're reaching out to many 101DS fan artists and tell them to make artwork based on memorable moments from the 52 episodes of 101DS, either an art-piece or a fan-comic.

Day 4: The Daily Puppy Call

101DS's 3rd Anniversary was the perfect opportunity to announce our upcoming new notification system which involves the entire 101DS fandom: The Daily Puppy call. We wanted our website to be the hub for all 101DS fans to help spread news for upcoming major events related to the show.

Day 5: Current/Future Projects from Atomic Cartoons

For our 5th day, we wanted 101DS fans to get to know more about the show's animation studio Atomic Cartoons and what animated media they have their sights on and what shows are in development.

Day 6: The Next 101DS Twitter Trending Party

The 3rd Anniversary of 101DS was the perfect time to announce the next trending party, which like always is being hosted by co-editor Danuki Dalmatian Troopa, and it's planned to start in April. Trending parties has always been our biggest focus in promoting 101 Dalmatian Street and bolstering its popularity, and the more trending parties we do, the bigger the fandom grows!

And that is everyone we've covered for this year's Dalmatian Street Day, an unofficial fandom holiday for many 101DS fans alike to participate. Whether they're fans of the original 101 Dalmatians, the 1997 TV series, live-action films, we know there's many that agree with the biggest mission: Reviving 101 Dalmatian Street and making it a global phenomenon. It's very sad that Dalmatian Street Day has come and gone, and it was fun while it lasted, but rest assured, this week-long holiday will be returning next year when the show's next Anniversary is around the corner. And we hope many of you 101DS fans are excited to participate next year's Dalmatian Street Day to express your love and passion for show and to expand the ever-growing fandom. Now, as Dalmatian Street Day draws to a close, we want all of you to shift your focus on two major events: The April 30th 101DS Trending Party and the May 25th 101DS 3rd Anniversary Art Event. We hope you all look forward to these exciting events and remember: When the fandom bands together into one movement, we Dalmatians can do anything!