Saturday, September 9, 2023

101DS Fan-Game Spotlight: 

Gameplay Concept for Phron's Upcoming 101DS Fan-Game!!

Our website founder @PhrontisteryA is at it again, Dalmatian nation! I believe it's time we pull the cat out of the bag with one of his major projects! With the work of co-developer @Oscar_wilson711 (With background art done by the talented @WhistlerArtsX_X), the two designers were able to create a gameplay concept for a brand new 101DS fan-game, and it's right now in the middle of it's developing stages! The release date for the first ever 101DS fan-game has not yet ben determined, but we highly recommend you watch this video to learn more about it!

The gameplay is pretty simple as it's gameplay is 3-match, but if this has gotten your ears perked up and eyebrows raised and you're interested in seeing more of it, we highly implore you to support Phron's fan-game project. With the help funds, promotion and possibly playtesting, there's a chance that this upcoming fan-game will become part of something bigger beyond it's simple puzzle game! Watch the video now to learn more!