Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Important Update from The Daily Puppy Staff Member Danuki

How's it going, my dedicated pups? Danuki Dalmatian Troopa, co-editor of the Daily Puppy website here bringing you a very important, real-life update regarding the lack of daily posts for the website. As you are well aware, I take charge in making daily posts featuring 101 Dalmatian Street content, including YouTube videos, comics, fan-art galleries, merchandise, fan media highlights and everything else. So, you may be wondering why the Daily Puppy hasn't been posting any updates daily like it should. First off, we'd like to take a moment to sincerely apologize to the minimal content we've been posting. Please be aware that the website is being run by only two pups as of right now: Phrontistery and me. And the second reason for the lack of content recently is because I'm currently tackling some real-life issues concerning the family. (Even though I'm just an imaginary pet)

Right now, our Daily Puppy Website team is INCREDIBLY small at this moment. And being a co-editor, it's a lot of pressure handling all of these tasks: Posting daily updates, adding new pages, uploading art-pics, not to mention having to make weekly Art Gallerys for the Dalmatian Art Gallery by my lonesome. So, I hope that soon, me and Phrontistery can decide to address the problem and reach out to faithful 101DS fans to apply for the job to help us run the website. I'll still be posting 101DS content on The Daily Puppy, but until then, I may not be posting as much. I hope you all understand and have a nice day as we continue our long-running campaign to make 101 Dalmatian Street a popular phenomenon around the world. And don't forget to participate for our Merry Pups 2021 Art Event on December 25th! Until next time, my dedicated pups! Peace!