Friday, August 25, 2023

101DS YouTube Spotlight: 

101 Dalmaitan Street - Disney+ Everyday Challenge 

by PopCultureGeek

Today we’re talking about this short analysis/review of 101 Dalmatian Street, from a YouTube user that goes by the name @PopCultureGeek, as part of the "Disney+ Everyday Challenge" series!

So, as a review (on his…1344th day?! Boy, this human is dedicated to the challenge), he goes over the basic premise:

How the family are all British except for Dolly, Dylan and Dad/Doug Dalmatian.

He goes over the first episode as well, as you would expect, which includes Dog’s Best Friend and Boom Day.

He also mentions how the animation is more modern and not so traditional as well, and the general plots of both of them and how Boom Night is much more an American thing than a British thing.

The real kicker is though: he likes it! He finds it entertaining and says he would enjoy watching it with a kid. It isn’t long after saying that before announcing the next episode of his challenge will be about.

We recommend you Dalamtian fans to give this video a watch for yourselves, and give this guy props for supporting this show!

Written by: Mel_Toons

Revised by: Danuki