Friday, November 19, 2021

Early footage for episode Poodlefall Is Available to watch on Vimeo

We have no idea why we haven't posted this a while ago, but still, we wanted to post this to provide 101DS fans access to more early concept art/footage of the show, starting with this: Animatic & Animation editor Beverly Maguire (A.K.A. @beverlymag from twitter) has uploaded some very early footage for an episode "Poodlefall" on her Vimeo account! Click the image here to see the whole 10 minute early footage and see for yourself!

As seen in this early draft, the video shows MAJOR differences from the early footage in contrast to the final product, combining footage both animatic/unfinished animation for comparison, no visual effects, placeholder music, unused animation assets (Squiggly weepy eyes when Dylan cries while cradling the Poodlewolf mini figure), early character design art of Lord Furball and let's not forget some random generated sound effects (Like the pokeball sound effect that was used in the Pokemon anime).

Here are a few screenshot samples from the raw footage for those curious:

It is ABSOLUTELY amazing to catch a glimpse of the the early version of a 10 minute episode in whole, and how it's been polished up to match the quality for public viewing, and we owe Beverly a debt of gratitude for showcasing this to us 101DS fans!