Sunday, December 26, 2022

101DS Art Gallery:

Merry Pups-Mas (2022)

We folks of The Daily Puppy want to once again, heartfully wish another Merrily Pups-Mas to one and all in the 101DS fan community! For every year, we fans come to carry each others backs, willing to help one another in the most difficult of times, and spread the joy and energy that the fandom strives on.

Like last year, we have a large pawful of artwork full of Christmas cheer for this year's Xmas Art Gallery, ranging from artwork by ChelleDoggo, ScooterDoodles, Jayofthetrees, BabClayton, Marco_Bagatin and more! Your support and dedication to 101 Dalmatian Street means a lot to us, and you never fail to show your energy and passion in our difficult road to make the show popular on Disney+ and everywhere!

As we close another chapter on our lives in the 101DS community, we move forward to next year, continuing to unleash our creative ambitions and goals to ensure that 101 Dalmatian Street is recognized by everyone around the world, and to bring folks from other fandoms to come support our movement. Thank you everyone for the support so far. Until then, have a Merry Christmas and we look forward to all of you in the The Daily Puppy to support the show in the new year ahead of us in 2023!

Reindeer Dogs

by Wh!stler Arts

Spooky Christmas

by ChelleDoggo

Christmas Zen

by ChelleDoggo

Dorothy's Xmas Surprise

by Waderer_Wolf

Caffeine Bros

by Dramatic Darwin

Holiday Siblings

by Veilo

Gameboy Pup

by TheFifty4th

Deepak & Olive

by ChelleDoggo

Holiday Duet

by Scooter-Doodles


by Sketch Dalmatian

Sweater full of Dust


Toilet Skiing

by Marco Bagatin

Sweater Clayton

by BabClayton

Sweater Chelle

by ChelleDoggo

Merry Xmas from the Twins

by Marco Bagatin

By the Fireplace

by Luxioboi

Jamilla and Violet

by Luxioboi

Sweater Delta

by DeltaDam06

Present Time


Secret Santa Mistletoe

by BabClayton

Merry Pupsmas


Christmas Cookies

by Marco Bagatin

Xmas Anno

by Playtops

Merry Xmas 101DS Fans

by PrinceBlueMoon3

Xmas Tree Decorating

by Dashi Dalmatian

Xmas Romance

by Aldin1996PZ

Xmas Dyson

by Syriiiik

Deidra's Christmas

by Xtremo790

Xmas Recor

by Fahad Lami

A Lump of Coal

by BabClayton

The Reindeer Tango

by BabClayton

De Vilmatians Family Xmas

by Luxioboi

De Vilmatians' Family Xmas II

by Luxioboi

Xmas Fari

by Xtremo790

Gingerbread Fvillic

by Chibat_

Merry Xmas

Xmas Greetings from Demon

by Demon Dark

Xmas Dolly

by JayoftheTrees

Pups in Stockings

by Danuki

Xmas Dylan

by JayoftheTrees

Xmas Dawkins

by JayoftheTrees

Xmas Doug

by JayoftheTrees

Xmas Delilah

by JayoftheTrees

Xmas Da Vinci

by JayoftheTrees

Xmas Dante

by JayoftheTrees


by DeltaDam06

Xmas Drake

by PlayTops