Tuesday, November 29, 2022

101DS Fanfic Spotlight:

"Tarot Pups (Animal/Reader P.O.V. Oneshot)"

by Chelle Doggo

This one-shot fanfic is definitely worth something to read! That's because "Tarot Pups" provides 101DS fans a thrilling experience in this fortune-telling story from a first-person point of view, featuring a fan-favorite pair, Deepak and Dante! Once you absorb yourself in this one-shot, you'll find yourself taken on a spiritual journey set by the two Dalmatians, as they offer you a glimpse of how your future will unfold base which path you take. "Tarot Pups" is definitely a fanfic of the year, as it not only is it a first-person experience, but also highlights so many potential character interactions that the first season of the show never offered us, especially for Dante and Deepak. We highly recommend reading this one-shot and experience this fantastical journey yourself!

Cover art by: ChelleDoggo

Genre: [POV], [First-Person], [Fluff]

Synopsis: You're walking through Camden Park on a cold night and come across a curious fortune-telling tent. Dante and Deepak await you inside, offering a free tarot reading.

(Status: Complete)