Saturday, October 2, 2021

101 Dalmatian Street 2021 Halloween Art Event: Post your Halloween-themed artwork for Oct 31st!

Dalmatians and pups of the 101 Dalmatian Street community, happy month of October! In honor of the 101DS fandom, The Daily Puppy is hosting our first 101DS fan-art event for Halloween on the 31st of October! For this exciting event, we'd like you fans to make artwork to help us put together our first Halloween themed art gallery.

The rules are pretty basic and simple:

-Draw Halloween-themed fanart of characters from the show. It can be anything! A poster parody of a Horror-film, a scene from a Horror-film, a Horror-game, 101DS Characters wearing costumes of any character, a Halloween-themed/or Horror-themed fan comic, a crossover fanart, anything!

- The Daily Puppy will accept any artwork, but we will most certainly NOT accept NSFW Content. As we know, pornography, and dirty pictures is absolutely bad for the The Daily Puppy Website.

- Post your artwork on the 101DS Submit and FAQ Discord server, and we'll review it before we accept it for our Halloween 101DS Art Gallery.

- The Deadline is on October 30th, just one day before Halloween, so be sure to post your Halloween-themed 101DS artwork before then.