Wednesday, November 30, 2022

101DS Artist Spotlight:


Next spotlight! Moving on to our next artist, we'll be looking at some interesting art-pieces made by none other than a Alternate-Universe story builder and artist 103DalmatiansBLVD. BLVD's art consists mostly of a growing Alternate Universe in which the Dalmatian family members each have their own mystical powers based off their personality, and also a few pop-culture references from different media like Learning with Pibby and Undertale! And let's not forget some few pieces inspired by InsufferableOaf's own 101DS AU! Oh, how the stars align!

These pics not only give us a taste of many Alternate Universes of the 101 Dalmatian Street series, but it may very well inspire some 101DS fans with some new creative ideas for artwork or fanfiction! Check out these art pieces for yourself and show BLVD your love for his work and creative direction for his AU!

Teleportation Dolly

Unforeseen Reunion

I Miss You

Thinking With Portals


Artist Training

Deck Dalmatian


Corrupt Dolly

Some Time Later/His Inheritance

Excavator Diesel

Psychokinetic Dawkins

Speedster Delgado

Ghost Bro?

Protective Brother

Paint Trail Da Vinci

Spiritual Deepak

Sonic Sound DJ

Turn the Volume Up Next In Line

Portal Overload Multiverse Dolly

Dalmatian of Creation Doug

Duo Trait Delilah

Sad Pups for Hunter


Dog Days

The Jack-O-Lantern (AU)

Gravity Dizzy

Anti-Gravity Dee Dee

I Miss You Too

Sibling Rivalry


I'm Sorry For Leaving You


Streak Broken Pt. 1

Streak Broken Pt. 2

Streak Broken Pt. 3

Hole Punch Dylan

Psychological Dante

Sided Fear

Dice & Deck Dalmatian

Mono Dorothy

Deck & Dice Redux