Thursday, September 30, 2021

Capteverything is looking for VA's/Artists/Musicians for a 101DS Season 2 Pilot Fan-Animation

I have honsetly NO clue why this hasn't been sponsored/or promoted yet, but this looks like a good time to do so! Capteverything is working on a fan-project for a 101 Dalmatian Street fan Season 2 pilot (An fan-animatic to clarify)!

As of right now, he's looking for more writers, artists and Voice Actors to help contribute with this ambitious project for the 101DS Community, but mostly Voice Actors. Capt and his animation team is months away from their deadline to start production of this exciting fan-animated sequel to the 1st season of the show, and he could really use some help from you folks from the fandom to find him some voice actors! I'd also like to mention that we could really use a talented voice actor from the 101DS fandom to voice Dylan for us.

You can DM Capteverything by visiting his Discord or Twitter account to help with his project if you still have yet to sign up for the task (If any of you have any experience with voice acting/story writing/animating in your life). An extra paw from the community can make a BIG difference in a world, because in Dolly's words: We Dalmatians can do anything!