Monday, October 30, 2023

101DS YouTube Spotlight: 

Bad Kibble (101DS x Bad Apple) Storyboard 

by Prancer3301

We have another 101 Dalmatian Street fan-animation to show you, only this time it's in a form of a storyboard! We're looking at the crossover storyboard video of 101 Dalmatian Street and Bad Apple titled "Bad Kibble", and it's all put together by @Prancer3301! As the Bad Apple music video has become a reccent trend, this 101DS fan-animation basically replicates the black-n-white visuals from said music video, and adds sihoulletes of 101DS Characters in the mix! Not only did Prancer made incredible effort in replicating the music video alone, but he made absolutely sure the personalities and representation of each character were spot on (No pun intended). We urge you watch this video and give Prancer a level of praise by following him on his YouTube channel.