Saturday, October 30, 2021

Dalmatian Art Gallery Saturday:

Theme: The Tunnel of Art

Things are getting a bit messy on this week's Dalmatian Art Gallery Saturday! Why? Because Diesel's getting the spotlight this week, and believe me, it involves dirt. Lots and LOTS of dirt! Expect the gallery to be nothing but dig, dig, digging people!

Diesel by SaffronPanther

Pats For Diesel by HigglyTownHero

Diesel by SteamPunkSeaHorse

Wanna Dig? by ChelleDoggo

Diesel by Heinousflame

Diesel by Capteverything

Slippery Diesel by Daud Dalmata

Diesel by Ellizary

Diesel by Ferret16

Anthro Diesel by Animans-Studio

Dig a Hole by SaffronPanther

Diesel by Animans-Studio

Diesel Kiss by Spotty8ee

Diesel Dalmatian by Daryacha

Excavator Dalmatian


DEUS DIESEL by Perolas Do Vinci

Human Diesel/Delgado by Valo-Son

Puppy Pals by VontheMundane

Diesel by Codetski101

To Be Dirty Is To Be Free by LightningspeedPup

Diesel/Lana by Heinousflame

Diesel by Eman210212

Xmas Diesel by JamesTheDalmatian

I Dig It by Ghostsomni

Diesel & Deepak by Danny Dalmatian

A Diesel With Scented Roses by BabClayton

Diesel's Diggin Eyes by BabClayton

Pyro Diesel by BrunoChurpion