Sunday, December 19, 2021

101DS Fan-Comic Spotlight

Two Ed, Edd N' Eddy inspired comics by FenrisArts

We haven't posted a fan-comic for quite a while. Probably due to some holiday stuff going on, so why don't we fix that? 101 Dalmatian Street is a fantastic show that deserves to be adored by thousands of fans, from kids to adults. Alot of us are in for crossovers. So why not combine 101DS with a nostalgic show from the late 90's/early 2000's a lot of us had grew up with: Ed, Edd N' Eddy! A fantastic show that was a considered big hit on Cartoon Network, and the main reason why we loved the channel back in the old days.

That's why today we're showcasing crossover comics of these two beloved shows made by FenrisArts, a true fan of both 101DS AND EEnE, and the same author of his ongoing fanfic series 101 Ed Street, and also in dedication to EEnE's creator, Danny Antonucci of A.K.A. Cartoon!

These comics of course take inspiration from your favorite moments of the show: One combines two episodes "The Longest Night" and "The Day The Ed Stood Still", and the other taking a scene from "Floss Your Ed"! And here's the scoop: The comic on the left was made in collaboration with Danuki Dalmatian Troopa, who of course provided the script for the characters.

Source: Twitter

If there one thing we love about Fenris, it's his creative vision of combining these two beloved shows together into something unique, and incredible, and not to mention transforming the Cul-De-Sac kids into 101DS dogs to help them fit within the 101DS Universe....