Friday, October 14, 2022

101DS YouTube Spotlight:

More 101DS Fan Season 2 Title Cards

by Fahad Lami

It's been a while since we've made a Youtube Video spotlight due to the lack of new content we've gotten lately. That doesn't stop us from trying though. @FahadLami20 has made another batch of fan-made Season 2 episodic Title Cards, most with originally composed fan-music to go along with it! Fahad's direction for a Season 2 takes a much darker-tone akin to other fans' Season 2 ideals, but it also throws in a mix of the original "One Hundred One Dalmatians" film and the 101 Dalmatians TV Series! Take a look at these videos for yourselves!

And with a bonus, here's a modernized version of the Stunt Puppy Entertainment logo made by Fahad, featuring our cute little klutz, Dizzy!