Wednesday, October 12, 2022

A New 101 Dalmatian Street Art Tutorial Page Opens on Miles' Neocities Art Blog!

What's going on Dalmatian fans? If you're reading this news, you might be pleased to hear this: It appears that 101DS fan artists' struggles to search through the internet to find tutorials on how to draw your favorite characters from the show may be a thing in the past! Our talented artist Miles (A.K.A. @JusttheMiles on twitter) has made a page on her Neocities art blog, giving 101DS fans like you access to all kinds of tutorials and steps on how to draw characters, backgrounds, and visuals from the show itself! (Click the picture to visit the page yourself)

This page will prove very resourceful, reliable and will no doubt benefit many artists who want to replicate the show's bubbly, gumball styled art for their 101DS artwork or something entirely original! Check it out!

First off, the page provides links to other websites that can give you all kinds of references for character design, backgrounds, and props you need for to make your artwork as seen in the first image above. The Tutotial Navigation category also provides easier access to safe you time from scrolling down the page to find the info you need.

Secondly, the first tutorial "Pups 101" is already available for first time users who want to learn how to do basic drawings of Dalmatian characters like Dolly, Dizzy, Dawkins or other siblings in the family! This tutorial provides all the details on how to make distinct drawings of these spotted little rascals like facial expressions, how paws move or work, poses, silhouettes, and much more! It also includes official notes for posing references from the show's staff and creators!

Please be mindful though that Miles' page is still in development as there are tutorial sections yet to be posted on the page. So as of now, Pups 101 is the only tutorial available on this page. We highly recommend however to keep checking back on this page for later tutorials like how to draw the show's dog characters, human characters, backgrounds designs, and also how to draw new characters with the show's art design (For users who want to draw 101DS oc's).

We implore 101DS fans to support Miles' as well as her 101DS-artstyle tutorial page, and her art blog as a whole. This page will prove highly beneficial to the fandom, and we wish to thank her for her massive support and dedication to 101 Dalmatian Street and of course this tutorial page!