Tuesday, October 31, 2023

101DS YouTube Spotlight: 

Don't Push Your Luck Epilogue (Fan-Dub) 

by Danuki Dalmatian

It's time for another fan-dub showcase! If you Dalmatian fans remember @Cadpig101's fan-comic "Don't Push Your Luck" Epilogue, then you'll more than likely be in tears when you see this video! @DanukisDalmatianStudio has brought this brilliant fan-comic to life with full-fledged voice acting, with Hansel being voiced by his truly, and Dolly being voiced by @DrCrescentSpade, a long with some touching emotional music and sound effects to add more life into this incredible dub. Not only are the voices spot on, but you can feel the emotional fluff and serenity just from watching this video. We folks of the Daily Puppy salute Danuki and Crescent for their incredible performances of these two lovebirds (It's not canon, but a pup can dream, can't they?), and we hope to see Crescent lend her voice again in a future project!