Wednesday, January 18, 2023

101DS Animation Spotlight:

Animated shots by Erik B.

If you fellow Dalmatian fans have been curious over who are the key animators that took part in animating the episodes for 101 Dalmatian Street, it looks like you're in for a treat! @Erik_TheAwesome, one of the key animators for the show has uploaded a demo reel, showcasing which shots from various episodes that he was involved in! You'll find many of Erik's animated works in episodes like "Dog's Best Friend", "Crushed Out", "The Walls Are Alive", "Fox in the Dog House" and plenty of others! We highly suggest giving this reel a watch to get a better understanding on how much hard work Erik has put in bringing these characters to life with such fluid movement and style! We also suggest you support the staff members who had put this show together too, so that they know how much love and support 101 Dalmatian Street has been getting since the season finale! You view his animated reel on YouTube below! Please don't forget to subscribe him!