Wednesday, September 29, 2021

101DS Artist of the Week:

Lightning Pups

2020 Avatar

Akira and GhostWolf

Oh Dog, DJ!!

101DS X Anime

(Dragon Ball)

101DS X Anime

(Attack On Titan)

101DS X Anime

My Hero Academia

Dolly and Demon

Akira Has a Gift

Akira (Berserker Mode)

Akira's Return

Akira Meets The Gang

101DS X Tekken (Kazuya)

500 Follower Raffle (1st)

Akira and Da Vinci Sleeps

500 Follower Raffle (2nd)

Akira & Furball

Akira, Deepak & Da Vinci

Akira (Ducktales 2017 Style)

Anthro Akira & Furball

Akira Tasuki

Angry DJ is Angry

Akira, Robyn & Mebh

Angry Doggo is Angry

Anime Doggo


Be Yourself


Chilling In The Sunset

Cruella (2021) Cartoon Poster

Daigo & Ethan

Dalmatian Samurais

Diamond and Duffy

Do You Mind?
I'm Drinking Here!

Dogs In Thanksgiving

Dylan's Bioshock

Feeling Blue, Akira?

First Time, Boys?

Fusion Pups (101DS x Dragonball Super)

Getsuga Tensho Dalmatian

Good Morning, Damon

Goth Akira & Goth Da Vinci

He Never Gets A Good Sleep

Heaven or Hell (LET'S ROCK)

Here's Da Vinci

Huge Doggos

Hyena Akira

Inner Cat

Macro Clayton

Hula Pups

Jared & Lewis

Kiss By The Artist


The Artist, The Scientist And The Musician

The Way of The Great Guru Meow

That's One Big Doggo

Pride Day 2020

All The Pups Are Here

Watching The Sunset

Super Dylan VS Akira

You May Kiss The Bride

We Finally Meet 101DS X RE8

Dolly X Demon (Valentines)

Watching The Sunset (Akira and Da Vinci)