Monday, October 4, 2021

101DS Fanfic Highlight:

Genre: [Romance], [Drama], [Family], [Action], [Adventure], [Fantasy], [Violence], [Dark]

Source: Wattpad & DeviantArt

Synopsis: This is the story is about the little hybrid wolf and Dalmatian pup named Akira Tasuki, who's been living on the streets after his beloved family died from a house burning accident. After the few weeks of survival in the street, he meets a talented painter-pup named Da Vinci Dalmatian, after he saved her from those bullies, and wishes to become an artist like her. Da Vinci plans for him to be adopted by Doug and Delilah.. After that, he meet up not just Da Vinci, but also Dawkins and DJ talking about his powers and discovering his father's secrets. All was well for his welcoming party, until Deepak finds out about Akira's power and fears him, making Akira fearful that he might hurt someone in his new family. After running away from his new family he had been adopted to, he also learns about his crystal, and he decides to head his abandoned home where it's burnt down, but still determined to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, after the brief sorrow moment form the pups, Dylan and Dolly find about Akira's crystal and his powers within it, which Dawkins and siblings had explained about. So Da Vinci and the gang set out to find Akira and bring him back safe before dark.