Tuesday, February 14, 2023

101DS Art Gallery Spotlight: 

Hearts, Spots & Kibbles (2023)

What's been going on, Dalmatian fans. We hope all is well for you in the 101DS fandom, and we folks of the Daily Puppy want to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day, with blessings and gratitude. And to celebrate, we want to do our part to spread the love and kindness to every 101DS fan and dog lovers around the world by hosting our first ever Valentines-themed art gallery of 2023. In it, you'll find romantic art-pieces by many fan-artists, whether they're talented or beginners, we plenty of character shippings including the iconic Alternate-Universe Dolly and Demon. We hope many of you will appreciate what we've done for the fandom, and of course continue doing your part to spread love and gratitude across the ever-growing 101DS fan community, and not to mention giving the show plenty of love and attention. Until then, enjoy the latest art gallery from yours truly!

Be My Valentine

by ChelleDoggo

Da Vinci's Revenge Kiss

by WhiteWolf20XX

Valentines Graffiti

by Xtremo790

Christo and Crystal's Valentines

by Xtremo790

My Knight in Shining Armor

by Aldin1996PZ

Valentine Gifts

by HMDKoba

A Valentine Kiss

by Demon2000Dark

"G-Got This For You!"

by Delta Dalmatian

Maxwell and Chanel's Valentines

by Xtremo790

On a Heart Bed

by Xtremo790

"Who's a Good Boy?"

by Fharon

Scorcher X Marina

by Xtremo790

Gift Kiss

by PayorArt219

A Rose by Any Other Name

by BabClayton

Zumi x Two Tone

by Xtremo790

Valentine Greetings from Don

by DonGenerico247

Alex's Valentine Greetings

by Dalmatian Alex

Mermaid Romance

by Thomas Dalmatian

Queen of Camden

by DarkSkull198

Hearts and Roses for Dolly

by 168Nicholas

Two Lovebirds

by Danuki


by Shake314

The Dilemma

by Party Elias

A Gift For Felix

by ThatOneGuy