Saturday, January 1, 2022

Dalmatian Art Gallery Saturday

Theme: Forward to 2022

Happy New Year, Dalmatian fans!! Now, this Saturday's Dalmatian Art Gallery doesn't look like much, but we still want to showcase some artwork celebrating 2022 from you faithful 101DS fans. Like you pups, us folks of the Daily Puppy have a New Year resolution. And our resolution involves plans for The Daily Puppy website, and for the 3rd anniversary of 101 Dalmatian Street! We hope everyone looks forward to the surprises we have in store for the community and for the show itself, and we implore everyone to have a safe and happy 2022.

Happy New Year! 2022


Have a Safe Boom Night

by JustTheMiles

New Year Buddies

by Wh!stlerArts

Happy New Year 2022

by PKBrainshk

Watching The Fireworks

by BabClayton

Happy 2022!!

by Ronin 7

Happy New Year from Claudia

by Gustvado

New Year Flu

by Sei Sai 1751

Salute to the Fandom

by Danuki

Aldin's New Year Serenade

by Gix Evans

New Year's Kiss

by BabClayton

Bruno's New Year

by Bruno Chorpian

Caramel's First Fireworks

by Luxioboi

Boom NIght 2021

by Xtremo790

Happy 2022 from JDOS & Friends

by Jamillia Dalmatian