Friday, October 8, 2021

101DS Fanfiction Highlight:
Dylan the Vampire 1 & 2 by Ploting

Genre: [Adventure], [Dark], [Fantasy], [Thriller], [Horror]

Source for 1st Story: ArchiveOfOurOwn,, DeviantArt

Synopsis: After been bitten by a a real vampire Dylan must try his best to find a cure for his malady with the help of 2 hunters. Will he manage to be cured before anyone would find out or will he remain a creature of darkness for eternity?

Source for 2nd Story: ArchiveOfOurOwn,

Synopsis: After another evil from the vampire world that surfaced to threaten the Dalmatian Family, Dylan will have to make a hard decision to save everyone again. Aside from the help from the vampire hunters he must try to take a hard decision involving his vampire part. The story could be found on FanFiction. Net as well, see the link below.