Saturday, January 7, 2023

101DS Fanfic Spotlight: "101+1" +

New Pup Writer: Meet Meltoons!

Hello there, fellow fans of Camden Town! I’m one of your new writers for the Daily Puppy, Toon. If you want to find me, you can find me here: @Toons_Ink

So, what is 101+1, I hear you asking, as you read this in your mind. (Spooky mind reading, oooOOOOooo)

101+1 follows a human turned into one of the Dalmatian pups in this multi-chapter journey. It isn’t one of those short fanfics, it is MUCH more filled with story one might assume; in fact as of the time this article was made, the chapter stands at over 139,000+ words! That’s a huge story, so they’ll be plenty of you to read about this human as he slowly learns his place in this family household.

As much as I want to tell you more, it’s best if you go in as blind as possible if that makes sense, but it does expand the world of 101DS I really like! (It also has a bit of a mystery which I always love solving personally) Honestly, I’m surprised this fanfic isn’t talked about more considering how much I loved reading it from start to finish… and the second time. …and now for the third time. It’s really enjoyable.

I highly recommend this fanfic if you're a fan of 101DS and wanted to see what it would be like if you were suddenly a Dalmatian in the family… plus one. …I swear I used to be better at jokes. It's written by the talented Angentknow, which you can meet on Archiveofourown if you want to talk with him about this fanfic.

You can find the fanfic down below. Till next time!

101 + 1 

by Agentknow

Cover art by: Meltoons

Genre: [Family], [Slice-of-Life], [Comedy]

Synopsis: A human finds himself one morning turned into a Dalmatian pup in 101 Dalmatian Street! What happened? How did he get there? Will he ever find a way home? Find out in 101+1! 

(Status: Ongoing) 

Source: ArchiveofOurOwn 

Written by: Mel Toons

Edited by: Danuki