Monday, November 8, 2021

101DS Youtube Vid Highlights:

Fahad Lami's 101DSS2 Title Card Music & Dalmatian Spots Iris Effect

Here are a pair of two 101DS fan videos by Fahad Lami that we believe deserves more attention from the 101DS community. Fahad Lami is known to being a Die-hard 101 Dalmatians fan alongside other things like Undertale and Friday Night Funkin'. But we wanted to showcase these two videos that we think would really raise the eyebrows of our beloved 101DS fans.

First off, Fahad has re-created the iconic Spots transition scene from the show complete with a green screen effect for many 101DS fans to download and use for their fan projects. That's not to mention the next video that includes the most likely accurate episodic title card BGM from the show itself, that Fahad has composed and put together herself!

Seeing the this replicated iris transition is a big step forward, as it allows 101DS fans to use it for this effect for the 101DS-related fan projects, as well as opening a door to the characters of the show to be green screened and allow a majority of Dalmatian fans to use as well. Thanks yo you Fahad for this amazing gift! We fans are growing more excited to see a growing number of people recreate animated-assets from the show!