Sunday, July 30, 2023

101DS Fan-Comic Spotlight: 

"Yoga Stuff?" 

by Mix777Vano

If you fellow Dalmatian fans are looking for some Slice-of-Life antics from the Dalmatian family, this 101 Dalmatian Street fan-comic is just for you! See what shenanigans await for our favorite cat-loving pup Deepak, caused by those mischief making trio of Dimitris in "Yoga Stuff?" made by the talented Mix777Vano from Deviantart! This seven-page fan-comic tells a fun little story about the usual antics that goes on in the Dalmatians' residence, not to mention that fans will get to see the kind of character interaction between Deepak and Dimitrio that fans tend to overlook.

The story and plot in "Yoga Stuff?" looks simple not much significance at first glance, but what really matters is the characters themselves. The comic does incredibly well in nailing Deepak and the Dimitris' personalities and letting the story be told through action and movement, without the need for any dialogue, as we've seen in the 101DS shorts from Gigglebug!

We give Mix a big paw for his creative contribution to the show, and this comic is no doubt worth reading. Click the first page to acess the entire thing on DeviantArt. And follow Mix777Vano on his Deviantart to support his work if you're interested in seeing more 101DS content from him!

Source: [Deviantart]