Sunday, March 20, 2022

Dalmatian Street Day!!

Day 3: 101DS 3rd Anniversary Art Event on May 25th!

It's now the 3rd day of Dalmatian Street Day. As part of the celebration of 101 Dalmatian Street's Anniversary, we want 101DS fans to spread awareness of the show's very existence. That's why we folks of the Daily Puppy are hosting a big 101DS art event for May 25!

Co-editor Danuki Dalmatian Troopa is running the helm of the biggest 101DS art event of the year, and we're asking as many 101DS fans as possible to participate this event and make fan-art based off of scenes and memorable moments from the 52 episodes throughout Season 1! Here's how it works:

Once you have finished your art-piece/fan comic, you can post it via Submit/FAQ on The Daily Puppy website, or through the 101 Submit and FAQ Discord account! You have until May 20 to submit your art for this exciting art-event, so we hope you'll have it done by then!

Our biggest mission for the May 25th 101DS art event is to send a STRONG love-letter to all the staff members from Atomic Cartoons, Passion Animation and Giggle Bug that had spent their blood, sweat and tears in bringing 101 Dalmatian Street to life by making as much 101DS fan-art as possible as a way of saying thank you. The deadline is May 20, so don't forget.