Tuesday, January 4, 2022

101 Dalmatian Street Voted as The Most Favorite Show to Premiere on DisneyXD!!

A little late. The folks of the Daily Puppy are still on the hunt for new staff members, but we still believe that this piece of news is still worth posting on the site! So, if you haven't heard the news yet, 101 Dalmatian Street has been voted as the most favorite show to premiere air on the Disney XD channel by a 54.3% margin according to Disney Schedules on Twitter! This is actually a BIG achievement, because right at the start of this new year, this might be the latest evidence that 101DS might be slowly growing popular in the USA! But it'd be premature to say that this guarantees a Season 2 as of right now. In this fandom, there's never a time to rest until we push 101DS's popularity to its limit and reach 101% of our satisfaction!