Saturday, April 1, 2023


A possible 101 Dalmatian Street Season 2 being discussed between Disney Execs + Possible New Voice actors Joining the Cast including top 101DS Community members!


I hope you fellow Dalmatian fans had got a good laugh out of this. That's right, this article is a big prank! All the info regarding 101 Dalmatian Street Season 2 being made by Disney Television Animation, the stuff about Chriss Pratt and Tom Holland joining the 101DS voice cast and Phrontistery being one of Season 2's surprise voice actors are all just too good to be true. For those who felt offended by this prank after waiting for the next season for so long, we want to sincerely apologize for it.

On the serious note, we're being 101% honest when we tell you that we do NOT have any info right now regarding the second season.

What we can tell you though is that one tidbit about 101 Dalmatian Street being held up due to Disney focusing heavily on marketing more popular IP's are actually true. If you want to learn more about this one, we advise watching the 4th Anniversary 101DS Trending Party livestream where he talks about 101 Dalmatian Street's current status: 101DS Live March 18th Trending Holiday - YouTube 

We have a HUGE new scoop to show for the 101 Dalmatian Street community! According to a legitimate source from a Disney journalist (Who had requested to stay anonymous to avoid being targeted by the Disney Company and getting in trouble for violating non-disclosure agreements), it seems as though a possible second season of 101 Dalmatian Street may be in early pre-production stages! 

We took our moment to chat anonymous on Discord and learned from the significant amount of info he's been compiling, which includes the Disney company's plan to expand upon 101 Dalmatian Street to make it more recognizable to a bigger audience, including longtime fans of the 101 Dalmatians franchise! 

Now, for a few disclaimers before we get into it:

All the info you're about to see below you is nothing more than a rumor, so we advise for you to take everything with a huge grain of salt. There's no guaruntee that all of the leaks below are 100% true.

Secondly, please don't expect this article to be up for long. Phron and us staff have agreed to take it down within 30 minutes or so, before Disney finds out about it, and in any chance, we, especially Phron, can get in SERIOUS trouble with the higher ups of the company and risk being slapped with lawsuits the longer the article stays up. So, please absorb all the info you can before we take it down. Thank you. Now without further ado, here's what the anonymous journalist had to share with us during the chat on Discord.

From what we have gathered, Anonymous had spilt the beans on the second season of 101 Dalmatian Street heading into pre-production. According to him, the executives of the Disney company have seen a growing demand for more of the obscure show. But, due to how much financial and marketing tasks they had to work through regarding bigger franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and other big Disney names, the execs were unable to find the time to shift their focus on smaller shows like 101 Dalmatian Street... until now. Just several months ago, Disney had decided to place a meeting with the execs of Disney Europe to talk about the show's sudden growing demand in the USA.

Disney Execs are currently making back-and-forth discussions with executives from both Disney Television Animation to allow the show to be made by Disney TV Animation company, while making discussions on how they could expand upon 101 Dalmatian Street, both on world building and character story arcs. Anonymous also added that several people behind the Ducktales 2017 TV-series may be involved with the show's revival, stating that he had a brief talk with Matt Youngberg, the executive producer of the reboot at the building, who dropped a small hint saying: "I'm not going to go too deep on the subject. NDA stuff and all. Just that all I can say is that it's been a while since I've been involved in re-introducing a classic Disney property to a new audience."

Of course, discussions are still ongoing, but anonymous has stated that there's satisfaction on both sides.

So, from what we can gather from the journalists' info, it appears that Disney Television Animation is increasingly likely to run the helm for the show's second season. Anonymous went further to explain how the show will feel and look different in regard to its tone, animation, art-style and music. Which brings us to both good news and bad news.

The bad news regarding 101 Dalmatian Street's art direction is that the character designs will be more akin to that of CalArts, instead of Miklos Weigert's bubbly art-direction from Passion Animation that we've already gotten used to. In other words, if this turns out to be true, this means the folks from Passion Animation will not be involved in the show's second season. With 101 Dalmatian Street being an independant project, it seems highly likely that the British company that was directly involved with the art direction and story will take the helm for Season 2 this time around. 

The good news however is that the new art-style will only be altered at the modest, with distinctions on the facial character designs leaning slightly towards more to older-animated cartoons from the late 90's from Disney Television animation, but this style will likely assure 101DS fans that the new approach in the show's art design will still feel the same, even if the changes are modest. Anonymous went on to confirm that the character art designers from the Ducktales 2017 TV series are involved with the new art direction and have made a concept art showing Dylan and Dolly's new design.

Regarding the storyline for Season 2, anonymous said this: "So, for those who have been wanting to see Dylan and Dolly go full ham in Bill-and-Ted's-Excellent-Adventure-kind of sh**t and finally meet their grandparents Pongo and Perdita, that's what I've been told from one of the execs who had let it slip while we discussed privately after the meeting."

So, from the looks of things, it looks like we may get to see a crossover of 101 Dalmatian Street and the original 1961 film "One-Hundred One Dalmatians", IF the rumor turns out to be true. Of course, things can change during the planning stages, but if they somehow follow through with their storyline, well... cross those fingers, people.

In addition to plans of getting the second season greenlit by Disney Televison Animation, there were also discussions going on back and forth over auditioning more famous actors on levels of Josh Brener, as a way to appeal a larger audience who are still new to the show. Anonymous also mentioned that he spoke with one of the exec's that the new producers of 101DS were planning on audtioning Chris Pratt and Tom Holland (Two stars known to be famous for playing Star Lord and Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the latter also having played the role as Mario from Illumination's "The Super Mario Bros. Movie") to star a role of two characters, the latter being entirely new. The exec also went on to mention how they want to pick Chris Pratt to play the voice for Pongo and Tom Holland to play the voice for Patch.

But, with the Chris and Tom being very high-profile Hollywood actors, it's uncertain right now if they can form a good enough contract for them to star in an animated TV-show, especially with Tom Holland. But on a rare chance that they somehow do make an agreement with Hollywood, 101 Dalmatian Street will very likely be the very first animated TV show show that Tom Holland would assume a role as a character voice actor in. As for the cast reprising their roles for the show's characters, anonymous could gather enough info behind closed doors. 

But that wasn't all that anonymous had to report regarding the actors. He went even further in dropping the hat to explain how Disney have reportedly been in talks with top community members of 101 Dalmatian Street like Phrontistery to voice a side character for a certain episode. We went to speak directly Phron about the stunning revelation, to which he replied: "Yes. Me and the folks at Disney have been at it for a month or so, and I want this to be a huge surprise for the entire 101 Dalmatian Street fandom. I don't want the word about any of this to get out. I'm already violating the NDA enough as it is!" 

And that is everything we know about the rumored leaks about a possible Season 2 of 101 Dalmatian Street. Again, please take everything you've read in this Daily Puppy Newspaper with enormous grains of salt. Most of the source in this could end up changing in the future, but the strong hint of Phron being casted for a side-character for the show's revival is no doubt huge. We want to thank anonymous for providing us with the source and all the info he had written down for us. This latest revelation gives us high hopes that we may see more spotted misadventures of Dylan, Dolly and their spotted family on the horizon! Thank you all for reading, Dalmatian fans.