Thursday, October 13, 2021

The 4th 101 Dalmatian Street Twitter Trending Party is being held on November 13th by Danuki!!

What's going on my dedicated pups? That's right! It's me, Danuki Dalmatian Troopa, the co-editor of The Daily Puppy Website, and I'm here to announce that our 4th 101 Dalmatian Street Twitter Trending Party will be held on November 13th at 9:30 Eastern Time, next month! Have a look at this Promotional Video I put together to help you better understand what's been going in the 101DS fandom in a past few months, what accomplishments we made, and how you can help promote the event, and make #101DalmatianStreet and #Save101DalmatianStreet trend again on Twitter!

I'm so excited to be hosting a 101DS twitter trending event, as it's been a while since our last one. We previously made about 3000 Tweets for #101DalmatianStreet, and 2000 Tweets for #Save101DalmatianStreet, thus combining that number to 5000! You can be certain that this event will give 101 Dalmatian Street a popularity boost, and we're gonna need extra paws to get the show to hit the trending roof once again! So until next time, my dedicated pups! Peace!