Friday, December 31, 2021

The Daily Puppy's 2021 Year Wrap-up!

Plans for 101 Dalmatian Street's 3rd Anniversary In the Works!

Hello, faithful Dalmatian fans. We the folks of the Daily Puppy would like to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year for the 101DS fandom.

We'd also like to give a big shout-out to all of the astounding and robust support you've given to us and for 101 Dalmatian Street itself throughout the year 2021! Looking back at the past year we went through in supporting the show, we are thrilled with what we had accomplished in the 101DS community! Though 101 Dalmatian Street had been confirmed canceled a while back, and we had some ups and downs during the first half of the year, it hasn't left a dent in our effort to support the show, as we were still determined to get the word out about the show to more users outside the fandom and achieved SO much since then!

We were able to get hashtags #101DalmatianStreet & #Save101DalmatianStreet trending during our September 4th 101DS Trending Party, garnering attention from other media outlets like The Cartoon Crave, and even caught the eyes by one of their actors (Joshua LeClaire). There were even MORE 101DS videos on YouTube than we had seen from last year, and we managed to gain some staff members for The Daily Puppy website, including Daison Hyles and Danuki Dalmatian Dalmatian Troopa himself!

We owe Danuki a great debt of gratitude for sticking by our side when we thought it was hopeless to support a short-lived show like 101 Dalmatian Street. And looking back at our accomplishments we've made, there's just so much MORE than we can do to promote 101DS as we look forth to the year 2022. As the director of the show stated, the chance of 101 Dalmatian Street Season 2 ALL depends on the show's popularity, so we urge everyone to keep spreading the word, telling everyone to binge-watch 101 Dalmatian Street on DisneyPlus, as we continue our on-going campaign to make 101 Dalmatian Street as popular as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic!

With that aside, we have BIG plans to announce for 101 Dalmatian Street's 3rd Anniversary on March 18th and the The Daily Puppy website itself, and we can't WAIT to share them with you. With all that being said, we're excited for what we'll bringing to the table in 2022! Until then Dalmatian fans, enjoy your New Years Eve, and keep your spirits up, and let's continue promoting 101 Dalmatian Street until we've made the mark. Now, that the main topic of this post is out of the way, here is a highlight of the 10 most important articles we've posted for this year for some newcomers to catch up on!

1. CaptEverything's 101DS Season 2 Animatic

Capteverything is working on a fan-project for a 101 Dalmatian Street fan Season 2 pilot (An fan-animatic to clarify)!

2. An Ace Attorney inspired 101DS fan-game project by FoxSpot

A certain 101 Dalmatian Street fan-game is currently in development by a certain 101DS fan, going by the name Fox_Spot. This game's elements just happens to take inspiration from a famous video game series by Capcom: Ace Attorney! Take a look at the video and see the gameplay in action! Development has been quiet for a while, but it's definitely worth checking in! And be sure to support this awesome fellow on his Youtube & Twitter accounts.

3. 101DS Origin Story & Save 101DS Petitions

These two petitions need major support from the 101DS community, and we need you to sign a signature for these two. Whether you're a 101DS fan or not, we implore you pups to do your part and build up, support and promote these two petitions from Change.Org and get the word out! Sign up if you wish to support 101DS as well!

4. Not So Black & White by Spotty8ee

Genre: [Family], [Alternate Universe], [Drama], [Dark], [Angst], [Romance], [Hurt/Comfort]


Plot: A series of short drabbles. All about 101 Dalmatian St and how the family came together.

5. Disney's Cruella Trailer but it's 101 Dalmatian Street (Just for Fun) by Fahad Lami

The trend of Disney's latest live-action flick "Cruella" may have simmered down, and not everyone agrees that the film was the best, but that's not stopping us from showcasing any highlights of fan-media based off the latest film starring Emma Stone. Have a look at this awesome mock-up video by a Youtuber and major Dalmatian fan, Fahad Lami, combining clips from the 101 Dalmatian Street episode "The De Vil Wears Puppies" over the audio from the live-action trailer! Believe us, even though "Cruella" is not your favorite, it's definitely worth watching!

6. "101 Dalmatian Street: The Living Legends in London" by Ghost-Wolf

Genre: [Romance], [Drama], [Family], [Action], [Adventure], [Fantasy], [Violence], [Dark]

Source: Wattpad & DeviantArt

Synopsis: This is the story is about the little hybrid wolf and Dalmatian pup named Akira Tasuki, who's been living on the streets after his beloved family died from a house burning accident. After the few weeks of survival in the street, he meets a talented painter-pup named Da Vinci Dalmatian, after he saved her from those bullies, and wishes to become an artist like her. Da Vinci plans for him to be adopted by Doug and Delilah.. After that, he meet up not just Da Vinci, but also Dawkins and DJ talking about his powers and discovering his father's secrets. All was well for his welcoming party, until Deepak finds out about Akira's power and fears him, making Akira fearful that he might hurt someone in his new family. After running away from his new family he had been adopted to, he also learns about his crystal, and he decides to head his abandoned home where it's burnt down, but still determined to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, after the brief sorrow moment form the pups, Dylan and Dolly find about Akira's crystal and his powers within it, which Dawkins and siblings had explained about. So Da Vinci and the gang set out to find Akira and bring him back safe before dark.

7. 101DS - Weird Commentary: Parody Series by ThatHitDaSpot

Apparently, there was short-lived 101 Dalmatian Street Abridged Parody series made by a certain fellow from Youtube, going by the name "That Hit Da Spot"! These are just fun little videos, with some funny twists with what actually happened within the first four episodes of the show. We're not even sure if the user is still around or active as of lately, but what we can say is, we would love to see more of these parody episodes from him!

Check out this adorable two-page comic featuring Dante and Da Vinci, by a talented artist, Miles! This fan-comic is available for the public eye to look at on Deviantart! Page 1 & Page 2

9. Visit/Support the 101 Dalmatian Street Wiki

Check out this website sponsored by us folks at the Daily Puppy for all your 101DS information & needs! We'd like to re-post this for the top 10 important articles to remind everyone that 101 Dalmatian Street Wiki | Fandom still exists and can certainly use the major support from the 101DS community!

10. Rendundant Modules 101DS: Animal Control Series in Comic/Video form

Redundant Modules's on-going fan-comic series "101 Dalmatian Street: Animal Control" is a critical centerpiece of 101DS-related fan work from the 101DS community, and we feel that this is worth re-posting as the most memorable highlight of 2021! His series is available both as a comic on Twitter and Tumblr and a Video series on YouTube!