Saturday, September 03, 2022

101DS Fanfiction Spotlight:

"Rewarding" by TilDawnTomorrow

This feels like a good time to re-introduce this fanfic from late 2019, the year when 101 Dalmatian Street was still airing on TV and written by a talented fanfic writer TilDawnTomorrow. "Reward" is a coming-of-age one-shot that tells a light, emotional story of Dante and DJ in a way that we don't normally see in the actual show, giving us a deeper look on the two characters in a way not many of us would ever had imagined, while showing that DJ is not always a chill music-loving pup, and Dante is not always a town-crier, and foreseer of apocalyptic events capable of destroying the entire world. We're not going to spoil too much for first time readers of this fic, but it's a fun, fluff-filled comfort story that nails the diverse interaction between brothers and sisters of the Dalmatian family!

Cover art by: BassyWolfeh

Genre: [Coming-of-Age], [Family], [Slice-of-Life], [Hurt/Comfort]

Synopsis: Of how our favorite goth Dalmatian discovers there's more to him than just being the doom and gloom dog he's known to be. He's also a big brother. And as it turns out, it's not as bad as he imagined at all.

(Status: Complete)