Sunday, October 16, 2022

101DS YouTube Spotlight:

101DS Lost Pilot (Everything I Have Found) by 101DalmatianDude

Many of us in the 101 Dalmatian Street fandom has always been wishing to see more of the show's original pilot episode from Gigglebug Productions (Though that dream is likely still far away). That doesn't stop us from having fun learning and viewing every detail and the clips that have been found so far. This user 101DalmatianDude has compiled a 6-minute-long video, breaking down everything we know and have discovered about the lost pilot episode's existence, through storyboards, concept art, animation reels, lost footage, and miscellaneous content!

The pilot's story highlights a lot of similarities to "London, We Have a Problem!" when the plot of the first season was still in the writing process in 2017! DalmatianDude has putted time and effort putting together this major analysis on the show's pilot episode and deserves a praise from the fandom for his support and dedication to the show!

We also want to give a special thanks to @JezHallanim, @MikWeigert and Director Joonas Uti, the brains behind the show and also the pilot episode. We know how much effort you put into making this pilot episode, and we hope Disney hears out pleas and allow us to see the full pilot episode someday! With that being said, please watch this video, and help give this fellow user the support!