Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Join us for the 4th Anniversary 101 Dalmatian Street Trending Party: 

Tips & Guides

If you fellow 101DS fans haven't been following Danuki's Twitter/YouTube, you'll be excited to hear that our next 101 Dalmatian Street Twitter Trending Party will be held on March 18, Dalmatian Street Day! The day of 101DS's 4th Anniversary, and it's expected to be the biggest trending party in the 101DS fandom! 

And we folks of the Daily Puppy are honored to sponsor this massive upcoming twitter trending event. This latest trending party has all the tips and guides, both old and new for newcomers who are just tuning into the show for the first time! Scroll down to read them all.

For the first time, and since the event will be held on the show's 4th Anniversary, we are panning to run it for 48 hours! Just 2 whole days with nothing but 101DS content to be showered on Twitter, and it's plenty of time for fans who are worried that they would show up late for the event! 48 hours means twice the number of 101DS fan-content you'll get to post! As for the mission, it's same old, same old: Get #101DalmatianStreet & #Save101DalmatianStreet trending, while using #101TrendingParty to promote the event. And in addition, we also recommend using #DalmatianStreetDay to promote the show's 4th anniversary.

Ask and convince newcomers to binge-watch 101 Dalmatian Street on Disney+ and support the show there to make it trend on their streaming service.

And that is all. We hope these tips & guides will help you get a better understanding on what to do! We implore you to help ensure the 4th Anniversary 101DS Trending Party is a big success, by spreading the word, and helping promote it across the world of Social Media. That's all for now! Best of luck, Dalmatian fans!