Tuesday, October, 2012

Official 101DS Merchandise of a Dylan Jumpsuit is available to purchase for kids!

<Well, in Australia at least>

If any of you 101DS out there have kids of your own, and want to dress them up as Dylan, then you're in luck. Disney is offering official merchandise of a Dylan jumpsuit for kids to slip into, and just in time for Halloween!

The Dylan jumpsuit is available for E-bay for you to buy for your dog-loving kids! Well... on the Australian Ebay website as of right now. Keep in mind that 101 Dalmatian Street merch is scarce nowadays, but this right here shows, that 101 Dalmatian Street has not been completely forgotten! Check out these pics for a better view of this kid-sized Dylan jumpsuit!

So, if you wish to dress your kid as Captain Safety Pants himself, or wish to buy this as a merch collector to support the show, this costume is yours to purchase. (If you're lucky to get it of course)