Wednesday, August 31, 2022

101DS Fan Fiction Spotlight:

The Great Camden Dog Caper

by Malcolm Yates

We haven't done much of representing 101DS Fanfics lately, have we? Let's fix that, shall we? Starting with this complete fanfic story featuring our hairy friend, Hunter De Vil in one of the many fan-canon aftermaths of the 1st Season of the show: "The Great Dog Caper" written by a major Hunter De Vil fan, Malcolm Yates! We very much recommend you fellow pups to start at the first chapter of this story. "The Great Dog Caper" offers a familiar feel of adventure and mystery from the De Vil story-arc during the first season of the show, as well as going out of its way to represent the dark nature on the humans' toxic behavior towards dogkind, and the foreshadow of an evil cult as the story progresses. Even Hunter De Vil fans will get a kick at this story, as it greatly touches upon Hunter's interaction with many other pups of the Dalmatian family and the Camden dogs, and also the struggling trust & bond between him and Dylan. We folks of The Daily Puppy wish to give Malcolm a rounding applause for his spectacular writing and character chemistry and for giving 101DS fans something to read about regarding the former nephew of Cruella De Vil.

Genre: [Adventure], [Family], [Mystery], [Dark]

Synopsis: When Dylan, Dolly, Dante, and hundreds of other dogs end up getting dognapped, the pups ask Hunter to help find them.

(Status: Complete)

Available Chapters:

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Chapter 2 [link]

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