Sunday, July 30, 2023

101DS YouTube Spotlight: 

101 Dalmatian Street: Gag Reel by 


Pulling another YouTube video from the more recognizable users in the 101DS community, we'd like to showcase this hilarious skit video by the brilliant mastermind behind "101 Dalmatian Street: Animal Control", @RedundantModule! "101 Dalmatian Street: Gag Reel" is a series compilation of short parody animatic videos, with many references to different TV media, all packed into one video! Each skit may have references that you may recognize like Gravity Falls, The Emperor's New Groove, Spongebob Squarepants... Just so many references and jokes to give the viewers the snorts and giggles!

It's so amazing to see that Redundant has other forms of creative entertainment outside his ongoing comic series! We would love to see him make more videos like this one in the future when the time calls for it! His work in supporting the 101 Dalmatian Street is without a doubt something to admire! We urge you to watch this video for yourselves and continue your support for this talented 101DS user by subscribing to his YouTube!