Tuesday, October 19, 2021

101 Dalmatian Street Is Officially Coming Back On Disney XD On November 1st!!

Good news for those who still watch Disney XD: Many of you are still wondering if 101DS will ever re-air on Disney's sister channel, especially after the rumor of the show coming back on early October was completely false. Well, it looks like the hiatus may be finally coming to an end. According to the Disney Schedule Archive on Twitter, it seems 101 Dalmatian Street will return to Disney XD on Monday of November 1st (7PM)! (Link)

Well... as re-runs at least for right now, as we've yet to have any info to when the remaining episodes would air on Disney XD.

Still, this is exciting news for many folks who still have Disney XD on their TV cable. Though, we can't 101% guarantee that 101 Dalmatian Street will keep on airing on Disney XD until the channel shuts down in the future. We still have alternatives like Disney NOW, and Disney+ (If you're able to afford a subscription for this streaming service).