Saturday, August 13, 2022

The 101 Dalmatian Street 3rd Anniversary Art Event Has Been Delayed Again to This Fall! Specific Date Unknown!!

Greetings, Dalmatian fans. Some of you may have probably been wondering and asking about our 101 Dalmatian Street 3rd Anniversary art event. There has been another change of plan on how and when we want to start it. Due to a certain number of 101DS fan-events happening during late-August and early-September, and also because of the minimal number of fan artwork we've been receiving, we've decided to push back our 101DS 3rd Anniversary Art Event somewhere around fall of this year. We deeply apologize again to those who were still looking forward to the event, but as of right now, we only have a VERY small number of art pics sent by you people. We do not have a new concrete date for the event at this time, but we will make an announcement once we do.