Friday, August 26th, 2022

101DS Fan-Comic:

"Change" by Sei Sai (Still in Progress)

On today's Daily Puppy newspaper, we wanted to re-introduce this fluffy fan-comic by the talented Sei Sai 1751 called "Change", featuring our two protagonists and long-time siblings. This comic goes DEEP into both Dylan and Dolly's characters in a way that the show never usually did, and it's a shame we've never seen this kind of emotional interaction in the first season. This fan-comic does a spectacular job in highlighting the two step-siblings' family relationship, and regardless of how much to two get on each other's nerves, they always have each other's backs during the saddest times. (And of course, we would've loved a fluffy, emotional back-story of what followed after Dolly's humiliating goof-up at the skateboarding competition) We believe "Change" did the two characters some justice with their deep character interaction. This comic is still a work in progress according to Sei Sai, but still, we highly recommend reading this spectacular fluff-filled comic!