Monday, December 13, 2021

101DS Fan Artist Spotlight: Lichtman

+ New Co-Editor for The DailyPuppy

It's time for more 101DS Fan-Artist Highlights! Today, The Daily Puppy wants to introduce you to a special person amongst the 101DS fandom... In fact, he is quite well known for his profile photos which he is creating for free for 101DS community users. His name is Lichtman ... As mentioned, his main artistic themes are the users of the community and reinventing the characters of the series. Lichtamn is a great designer and there is not one person who is not amazed to see his adorable drawings.

And don't even get started about her character ... She is always the first to comment on a work by any artist in the community, to give advice, to support them in what falls within her skills and to have a frightening humility. This is why it was decided that we post some of its artwork on the Daily puppy: to give anyone the chance to get to know it. Here is a taste of what it can do:


Alex Dalmatian

Two Goths in Love

Pretty Deepak

Sketch Collage


Camilla Dante



Darwin Dalmatian

Neutral Pup

Da Vinci Vaporwave

And speaking of today's post, we have big news for the 101DS fandom: We have found a new co-editor of The Daily Puppy! The draft for this post we've edited was put together by our newest staff member: Daison Hyles! With Daison taking the position as the co-editor, Danuki Dalmatian Troopa is now the head editor for the website! And it's proving to be really helpful, since it puts much less pressure on us when as we continue to run this site! Give Daison Hyles a big congratulatory round of applause, everyone. And by the way, here's a sample of Daison's early draft for this post, just down below.

lichtamn Daily puppy-WPS Office.docx